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Hello supplier!

If you have the product,

we have the way to the consumer

Together we can make a difference for people and planet

Since you have made your way here, you probably know that we are a sales and logistics partner for mainly diet, health and beauty products. The key point of our business is to ensure that products reach through to relevant customers. We have a special place in our hearts for goods that can make people and the planet feel better.

Today, the average consumer wants to buy whatever he wants, whenever and wherever. The breakfast cravings peak at the gym, headaches emerge while shopping for groceries and the spontaneous skin cream purchase is made at the health food store. In the end, a good product is the one that consumers buy. Accessibility is crucial, especially if it is an ingredient for changing the world.

A unique path to every stomach

The special thing about us is that we are an independent actor — you get access to Sweden’s largest customer registry through just one supplier. Our confidence spans over 250 unique relationships — digital as well as physical shops. That means that you can sell to anyone you desire.

With logistics at heart

In our body, the logistics is the heart. As the years have gone by, it has advanced by customer demands and followed the global developments. That means that today, you can solve your logistics whatever way suits you best. We handle everything from pallets for wholesale dealers and detailers to smaller deliveries for small-scale businesses and e-shopping. We usually take care of the journey from start to finish, from the press of a button online to the consumer’s front door.

Endless possibilities
Aside from a unique and wide customer registry, joined by an endless combination of logistic solutions, we can help you with a number of services to provide you with a sense of assurance, availability and advancements. Through sales processing, service and marketing we guarantee strong ties between you and your retailers, you name it. The utmost important matter is that you, as a supplier, can focus all your time and energy in attaining what is of most value — pushing your brand forwards.

“WeMake is a very loyal and service minded partner with extraordinary dedication.”


Are you interested in selling your products through us

Here is a great start

We would love to meet up but first we would like to know a bit more about you; who you are, what you have to offer and why your brand makes a general difference in the world and particularly to our portfolio. That way, our partnership is based on beneficial prerequisites right from the start.

You will walk in good company

We are proud of all our suppliers. Here, we present some of them that have helped create the best product selection on the planet.