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Since you have made your way here, you probably know that we are a sales and logistics partner for mainly diet, health and beauty products. The key point of our business is to ensure that products reach through to relevant customers. We have a special place in our hearts for goods that can make people and the planet feel better.

Making a difference through daily purchases is of increasing value for people. That is why you need the right, wide range of selection which also adds additional value such as reliability and competence — opportunities we can develop together. Do you want to join us?































A healthy selection


The great thing about us is that we are an independent actor on the market. Over the years, this has resulted in prosperous relationships with a variety of skilled suppliers — companies with well known brands and healthy products. Furthermore, it has helped us build strong and useful relationships with our retailers. The result is a dynamic market place with a large as well as wide range of products with over 4000 articles and 500 brands. Being our customer means that you can choose precisely what your customers request.

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Endless opportunities

In our body, logistics is the heart. As years have gone by it has nourished the development of new possibilities for your business. Some of our retailers are satisfied by simply taking part of our excellent supply selection, while others let us do all the work by managing stocks, logistics, deliveries and even connecting their own web shop with customized e-commerce solutions, invoicing — the works. We can ensure safe deals and deliveries from the press of a button online all the way to the customer’s door step. And if you have a physical shop we can even help you optimize your sales. No matter who you are, together we can find you new customers as well as help old customers find new products.

“WeMake has a unique selection of ecological and sustainable products, along the same lines as our conscious customer demands. Their logistics are trustworthy and speedy!”


Do you want your customers to have the best of what the planet has to offer?

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Are you interested in becoming a retailer for our products? Just start your shopping! Create an account in our online shop and you are almost there. And please, let us know if you would like to add any services.

A teaser from those who make a difference


We are proud of all our customers and our fine range of selection. Here are some presentations from those who help make a big difference.