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Hello innovator!

If you have the idea,

we got the rest.


Together we can make a difference for people and planet

Since you have made your way here, you probably know that we are a sales and logistics partner for mainly diet, health and beauty products. The key point of our business is to ensure that products reach through to relevant customers. We have a special place in our hearts for goods that can make people and the planet feel better.

Our commitment requires us to progress alongside pre-existing suppliers and retailers, but also together with new partnerships. It is crucial to our planet that we put our foot down and start changing the products created, manufactured and distributed by man. For us, there is no other alternative than to be a part of creating the future we want to live in.

Both muscles and brains

There are a lot of great ideas that are never pursued. All to often, it is a result of the lack of knowledge, contacts, structure and capital. We can help you solve the puzzle of putting a new brand out on the market. As long as we believe the product can do good for both the people’s and planet’s well being, we have the arsenal required to take on the challenge.

An arsenal of possibilities

By collaborating with us, we can assure that you as an innovator can put all your time and energy in attaining what is of most value for you — pushing your brand forwards, evolving in your business, networking and marketing. With our storage and with a logistics machine without boundaries, we can secure one of your initial toughest challenges. Together, we can build a suitable business solution that works in practice. In regard to logistics, we offer an array of solutions and services that could be vital for your success. We ourselves are entrepreneurs and can contribute with extensive skills from our own experiences. Depending on who you are, your needs will be different. Perhaps you are a customer, ready to take on a new challenge, or you are completely new to our world and are looking for a partner who can help you make your dreams come true. Together, anything is possible.

“At WeMake, we get the best service, our customers always receive their orders on time and we can position ourselves right where we want to be and spread Solsken to the world.”


Do you want to be a part of creating a better future?

Here is a great start

We would love to meet up but first we would like to know a bit more about you; who you are, what you have to offer and why your brand makes a general difference in the world and particularly to our portfolio. That way, our partnership is based on beneficial prerequisites right from the start.