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Our roots happen to be a fig

Today we are WeMake — the Nordic’s largest independent actor in sales and logistics partners within health and sustainability. Once upon a time we started a diet revolution in 1930’s Sweden with sun-dried figs from Italy and Turkey. It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, that we would become the pinnacle of health. Our founder Sven Persson initially wanted to fund a project for adolescents. Through his expertise and experience from his travels abroad, Sven started to help local grocers import and sell what was back then considered the new way to better health. Products that had previously been unknown in our country became accessible to everyone. And so the story goes. An idea turned in to an initiative that grew in to a commitment that came to build the backbone of the company before you today.

80 years of healthy experience

Since we set up shop, some 80 years ago, a lot has changed in the world. And as have we. Back then, we were called Frisksportscentralen (“The Centre of Healthy Sports”) which then became Hälsokostcentralen (“The Centre of Health Foods”) — one of the leading wholesale dealers in our line of trade. But this broad wholesales business has with the years grown in to a more profound partnership with retailers and suppliers. Now, with a world ever changing, our experiences give us a clear sense of direction through collaborations, improvement and innovative thinking. A new realm of possibilities can be accessed through us.

We are a sales and logistics partner that care about products and services that are better for people and planet

There is one thing you should know — sorry, three

Together with our customers and partners, we want to make a difference for people and our planet. And we do. In a time where the consumer carries the world’s entire supply constantly in their pocket, and make high demands on their purchases, we aim to get the right product to the right person. You should know one thing — we will gladly help you every step of the way. The recipe consists of three holy ingrediens.

Health and sustainability

Everything we sink our teeth into has, in some way, to do with health and sustainability. We have held on to this idea since 1938 — a belief we will never be done with. What once started as a bag of figs has grown to a wide range of selection with over 500 brans and more than 4000 products! Here you can find the best within health foods, non-prescription pharmaceuticals, groceries, beauty products and hygiene articles, children’s toys and clothes and other items that can do good for the individual’s and the planet’s well-being.

Our work is a continuous journey towards a better future. And that goes for our current selection and for products to come, but also how we work and whom we choose to work with. It is crucial to our planet that we put our foot down and start changing the way products made by man are created, manufactured and distributed.

For us, there is no other alternative than to be a part of creating the future we want to live in — to leave a smaller footprint than yesterday.

Sales and logistics magic

In our body, logistics is the heart. We handle everything from pallets for wholesale dealers and detailers to smaller deliveries for small-scale businesses and e-shopping. An increasing number of suppliers, as well as retailers, let us do all the work by managing stocks, logistics, deliveries and even connecting their own web shop with customized e-commerce solutions, invoicing — the works. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. It is more useful with one delivery, as opposed to twenty. And it is better with recyclable wrapping than new plastic. Moreover, it is more sustainable for you and the globe with an optimized flow of logistics.

But the flow of products has just as much to do with building relations. We can help you by offering an array of solutions to provide you with a sense of assurance, availability and advancements. Through sales processing, service and marketing we guarantee strong ties between you and your customers.

The most important thing is that you can focus all your time and energy in attaining what is of most value — pushing your business forwards.

Fighting spirit

We like doing things. Maybe it’s a heritage from what we have been keeping our eyes on for the last 80 years: to each day live up to exceed our customers expectations — in a short amount of time. There is no room for funny business. A proof of this would have to be our long-lasting relationships. Every day, hundreds of logistic solutions have to share our 28.000 shelf spaces, covering 10.000 square meters. And very rarely does something go wrong.

In our work culture, there is also a strong sense of never settling. Some call it optimisation, we call it customer focus. Perhaps that is what fuels our fire to always do better and explore new prospects. It is our way of creating new, better products and services that are wholesome for both people and the environment. Our way of thinking is based on diversity and meetings between different perspectives, experiences and expertise.

Get in touch! We love a challenge.

Good to know

Since the burden of proof for quality and rights is always on us, it is time we finally tell you a bit about it. First of all, we work according to a quality system known as GDP; Good Distribution Practice. In short, this means that every activity in our business is documented, controlled and approved. The system is integrated as a part of the Swedish Medical Products Agency’s (MPA) authorisation and is carefully examined by the MPA’s inspection agency. Second of all, we follow the careful regulations from the MPA regarding handling pharmaceuticals and have been granted the authority’s “Pharmaceuticals Wholesale Permit”, where the MPA again is responsible for making sure regulations and protocol are upheld. We also meet the requirements regarding food legislation and are qualified by the City of Malmo for handling food and groceries. Last but not least, our business has been eco certified, in agreement with KIWA.